May’s ‘Welcome ISIS’ – Bringing Surabaya Scenes To UK?

A family of six suicide bombers that included two young children carried out deadly attacks on three churches.

Can there ever have been any more evil parents in history?

Doubtless some readers will find and offer examples to rival the demon and demoness in Surabaya….



…who not only poisoned the minds of their young adult sons but deliberately dragged their two little daughters, aged 12 and 9, to their deaths, on a vile sectarian murder mission.

But while all decent people of all creeds, throughout Indonesia, must be shuddering at the warped wickedness on display yesterday, there’s a lesson too for certain people in Britain.

According to Indonesia’s top cop –

….the family had recently returned to Indonesia from Syria…

Family of 6 suicide bombers attacks Indonesia churches


Meanwhile, Theresa May is planning to let ‘British’ ISIS scum who went to join the terrorist caliphate come ‘home.’

She’s brought a lot back already!

More than 400 British Isis jihadis have already returned to UK



Brits, fight back!

Don’t let May’s madness bring an action replay of Surabaya’s scenes of horror to the United Kingdom!