More Satanic Surabaya ‘Parents’ Now Burning In Hell!

Surabaya attacks: Family of five bomb Indonesia police headquarters

That’s the BBC headline I found tonight on my arrival home.

I’d been in downtown Jakarta most of the day, cursing the traffic and unaware of the latest example of evil that has exploded in Indonesia’s second-largest city…


Behold Two Servants of the Devil, with four of their victims!

Family said to have carried out church attacks

Church-bombing fiends and their children, who died because of their sectarian hatred

Police say the father, Dita Oepriarto, was the head of the local branch of Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), an Indonesian IS-inspired network.


Although today’s target was different, police officers doing their jobs, rather than Christians worshipping God, it resembled the previous (this weekend’s) atrocity in Surabaya, in that, once more, satanic parents dragged their own children along on the terror outing.

An eight-year-old daughter survived the latest attack, police say.

I’m no theologian, but if anything in anyone’s holy books holds true, scum like those two adults in the photo above will burn in Hell for all eternity.



Now we’re told that the weekend fiends had not, after all, been to Syria or other ISIS territory.

But that hardly detracts from the point I made in my morning post – 

Those who exalt the ideology of the Islamist caliphate, and seek to impose it on democratic nations, are the enemies of Indonesia, and of Britain, and of all civilised peoples.

Their activities are treasonous and treason merits capital punishment.

Until that can be put into effect, what are governments to do?

Jihadists should never be allowed into civilised lands, but if, somehow, they are already within, they should not be permitted to roam freely in any land.


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