Health Warning- Huge Sewage Overflow In Central London!

With thousands of visitors arriving in Britain for the Royal Wedding, it is important that they be advised to leave again, or at least steer clear of London, ASAP, once the fun is over.


Next month, London’s streets will be flooded with filth, a long stream of sewage expected to flow along main roads and some smaller streets too…




…as reported late last month in The Independent.

Campaigners for a referendum on the Brexit deal are promising the “biggest ever pro-European march”, as their hopes grow for a fresh public vote. The demonstration – to be staged on the second anniversary of the Leave vote in June – will kick-start a “summer of action and mobilisation”, they say.

Campaigners for Brexit deal referendum promise ‘biggest ever pro-EU …

It’s important to note that Remania is not necessarily contagious or infectious.

But photographs of those suffering from the unpleasant malady show alarming physical abnormalities that appear to correspond to the mental issues known to be associated with the disease.

Common Signs of Remania – distorted perception and degeneration


People who live and work in London and are unable to to arrange temporary evacuation may wish to use the following email address…

… which can provide information on the predicted path of the malodorous effluent.