Good Shooting, Riau Cops! Four Less Foul Fanatics In The World!

Just got home and turned on the TV an hour ago, .

Sad to hear that one police officer was killed in Riau today, up near the northern end of Indonesia, across the straits from Singapore.


Hasil gambar untuk riau map


But three  – or more – cheers for his comrades in arms who took out a quartet of jihadist vermin who attacked Police HQ there.

You can read more details here=

Riau Police succeeded in stopping attack: National Police

I’ve never spent much time in Riau, except when using the post city of Batam to take the ferry to Singapore, but I have had cause to write about the good people there….

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..and the not so good…

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…and the BAD….

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Unlike today’s bloody news, of course, the above examples of Islamist  iniquity did not result in innocents dying.

Intimidation and thuggery by sectarian louts is a lesser affront to civilised society. 

Yet if one level is tolerated, what must we expect but that even more savage brutes will emerge to plague the community?