So It ‘Ended Badly’ For A Mangy Roma Criminal? Great!

Kosovo-born Agron Salihi’s confrontation with the Romanian immigration system lasted for five months and ended badly for him, when the 30-year-old was expelled.


EUObserver failed to provide a photo of the poor, wronged parasite


That intro to an EUObsever report might make readers think Salihi a sympathetic figure…



… but those of us who know EUOB’s left-liberal bias  will not be surprised to learn that he’s just another mangy crimmigrant, a Roma, no less – and we know about them, from WAY back!



And even far away in Canada, the parasite problem has long been public knowledge.

And in France again?


Another no-good country-shopper, Salihi illegally entered Romania in autumn 2016.

 Along with his brother, they were not interested at all in taking up residence  in Romania – they were arrogantly abusing the country as a rat-run, a south-western crossing covertly used by migrants on their way to Schengen states…


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So a dirty rat, like so many ‘migrants!’ He had already been to the Schengen countries. He was a convicted felon in Germany, and a bare-faced liar to boot, demanding he be given ‘refugee’ status!

They’re a sly, sleazy bunch, the fake’ refugees. Salihi claimed that ethnic Roma like him face discrimination in Kosovo.

ANYBODY LIKE HIM, a convicted criminal, deserves to face discrimination, ANYWHERE!

Happily, Romanian lacks the self-destructive psychoses we have observed in Germany…

Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up toRomaParasite Menace! 

…so although the good-for-nothing Roma was foolishly given free board and lodgings as an ‘asylum-seeker…

…until February 2017 – do you ever get extended vacations for SIX months at government expense?) – a court finally recognised him for the mendacious mutt he obviously was and ordered him deported, back to whence he came.

Shockingly, we read on and learn this waster is but one of hundreds of migrants from Kosovo and Albania who are believed to have sought an alternative route to Western Europe via Romania since Hungary was closed to them in the spring of 2016…

EASY solution? Do what Hungary did, what every country menaced by ‘migrants’ should do.

The Hungarian erected a four-metre-tall, 175km-long fence on its border…

….and something along those lines, or a fine Trumpish wall, is exactly what’s needed – along with courts that do the right thing and kick out the hundreds of thousands of wasters who have already oozed in.