Mama Stasi Running Scared? Thanks, AfD!

And it’s not just me saying so!

Here’s the headline, from the notoriously, and increasingly, leftist site called EUObserver.

Berlin’s fear of AfD slams brake on EU legal migration reform

Got to be good, yes, that the patriots, with less than 100 seats in the Bundestag, can put a stop to the insane push by the Euro-Commissars in Brussels…



…for EUSSR subject nations to harmonise the rules. Harmonisation requires them to drop their own national schemes and adopt one in line with EU law.

The rules referred to are important but only a part of the Commissars’ strategy to bully sovereign governments into conformity.




But what’s really important is how people-power  – we populists – can sow panic in even the most rabid elitist heart.

UK Labor Party MEP, Claude Moraes, let the cat out of the bag late last month when he admitted that Germany is leading the blockade after having initially supported the reforms…it is being blocked and outright rejected by Germany,” he said….

“It was a consequence of the AfD, the change in government, the fact that a new immigration bill is coming out.” 

Ms. Paraskevi Michou, Brussels’ Director-General on Migration shed further light on the excellent impact Mama Stasi’s panic is having within the Evil Empire’s corridors of power…


Gambar terkait


…when she noted that talks among the EU co-legislators have not even started on other big files like the asylum procedures regulation.

Thing is, she had previously ordered a private deadline of next week, 15th May, to reach broader compromises in readiness for the public deadline next month, when EU states are supposed to sort a political agreement on Dublin.

Broader compromises i.e. secret deals behind closed doors?

Not quite that old-fashioned ideal of ‘open covenants, openly arrived at!’


But then Liar Juncker is in charge.