Why Was That Egyptian in France At All?

So we read that a man “who was born in Egypt in 1988 and living legally in France,” has been detained in Paris on terror charges.


We must await further details – but the KEY question is what was he doing in France?

A tourist, viewing mummies in The Louvre?

Tut is NOT in Paris, NB!


A businessman seeking lucrative contracts?

Or was he one of the thousands of fake ‘refugees’ imported and approved by ‘Retch’ Hollande?

None of the above, we’re told. He’s a ‘student!’

There are plenty of decent honest Egyptians, as I know from the brief time I spent there, and from the actions of the current government, which rescued that country from the squalid racist Muslim Brotherhood brutes who misruled it for several years.

That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood which has long been given a safe space in London by Labour and ‘Conservative Governments. ‘Possibly’ Extremist? Calling Jews ‘Pigs and Apes?’ 

Some of them, too, may be ‘legally living’ in the UK!

Let’s not be tough on Egyptians in general.

As far as world affairs are concerned, many Egyptians have been infinitely more discerning than many Europeans in their analyses of the forces of darkness.


Wise Egyptians drew smart conclusions.


It’s all about one alien, a crimmigrant, maybe – we know that the detainee apparently dwelt in the northern 18th Arrondissement of Paris…parts of which are packed with low-income high-rises and a mix of French and immigrant communities.

That’s where the Chechen Islamist murderer shot dead (hurray!) by French police this month also lived. He too was ‘living legally’ in France.

No matter what the Egyptian was doing in France, the good people of France will be asking questions.

Who gave his presence in France the stamp of legal approval? Were there proper vetting checks done on his arrival?

We await, again!