RT’s Sophie Gushes At Foul-Mouthed Un-American!

A very biased leftist named Sophie Shevarnadze has her own little show on RT…


Sophie Shevardnadze (cropped).jpg


…and this week she wished all the best to an ill-brought-up American turncoat who appeared to be incapable of offering any comment on his own country without repeatedly resorting to the foulest language.


Hasil gambar untuk ex-drone operator RT


The bizarre creep, Brandon Bryant, gabbled away about how terribly wicked drones were, at least if they were drones operated by the USA – almost all his offensive venom was directed at America…

Aaah, I’m sure you can find the sad pair via the RT website.

But hark!

i hear people saying – ‘Hey, Ross, you were pro-RT, and now you’re slagging it off.’

Not so!


Gambar terkait


RT is a lot more complex than meets the eye but it is currently very anti-Trump, because Trump, under pressure, has become anti-Russian. Hence Silly Sophie’s sloppy indifference towards standards of professional interviewing.

That hostility itself is a a strange phenomenon, because the American people, if not their politicians, owe a great debt to the alleged Russian ‘meddlers,’ who revealed the depths of anti-Semitism and other dirty tactics the Democrats deployed in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Wasserman Schultz sunk by aides’ anti-Bernie emails – US Elections

But we’ve noted that before. ‘Meddling’ is bad unless its perpetrated by the Media-Democrat Party.

When their flawed idol, Obama The Racist, stuck his sleazy snout into votes taking place in other countries –Well Said, Nigel – But Action Needed! Mass UK Anti-Obama Protests!     –  neither CNN or ABC, the American ABC, which is just about as far-left as the loathesome Oz outfit…



Sophie’s former employers, BTW

…or the NY Times or WaPo uttered a whisper of criticism.

Not that I heard, anyway.

But unlike CNN or the rest of the rat-pack, RT also gives fair coverage of the crimmigration crisis…

Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks 

Honest Report On Berlin Jew-Haters? TRY RT, NOT DW! 

…or as some dumb Deutsche Welle ding-a-ling called it this week, the ‘so-called migration crisis‘ – I’ll bet she doesn’t go out alone at night in ‘refugee’-infested areas!

RT features programmes with personalities whose politics would sometimes delight and sometimes annoy you and me.

UNLIKE, except on rare occasions, the rotten left-liberal media. Russian TV Gives UK Terror Threat Top Spot – Unlike BBC!  And as one commenter today points, CNN’s hirelings even use Royal Wedding news to promote left-liberal ideology!

So I will keep watching RT, and will defend it against schemes to get the government-funded ‘Ofcom’ flunkeys to shut RT down…

“Can we just stop ‘Russia Today’ just broadcasting its propaganda in this country?”


“We have heard the Prime Minister’s statement in the House of Commons this afternoon and we await her further statement on Wednesday [March 14)]. We will then consider the implications for RT’s broadcast licenses,” said the agency.   https://www.mediaplaynews.com/u-k-politicos-call-for-russiatoday-tv-ban/

Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

…and thus deny British people the right to enjoy or be annoyed as they see fit.