Fine Aussie Dining In Jakarta? I Must Try This Place!

One of my special treats when I take one of my trips to Sydney is that delicious dish ‘DEVON…’


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Devon (sausage) – Wikipedia

…which is cold meat, rather resembling baloney (no, not a Clinton speech!) that you can slice up to make yummy sandwiches, or have with potato salad, or chips, or, if you are a bot of a sloth, just chew on while watching tv.

Now I read in the JG – Work Hard, Brunch Harder at Devon, Jakarta’s Latest Aussie-Style Café – that there’s a new eatery called ‘Devon,’ recently opened. My initial response was to rush down to Senayan City and order a few pounds of my fave food, but alas!

According to the Jakarta Globe, that, ‘since the beginning, Devon specialized in an “international” menu, not an Australian one…’

And I’m sure they do wondrous things with all manner of culinary joys.

But I must await my next visitor from The Lucky Country before once more tasting the delights of Devon.