Viva Italia! Patriot Allies Face Down Europhiliac President!

Can you imagine a more damning sentiment than this, attributed to any country’s head of state?

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Matarella – with which flag does his loyalty lie?


‘Europe is his absolute priority’


That’s what Italy’s President is alleged to have said, and although the source is some anonymous flunkey of the EUSSR, there’s little reason to doubt its veracity.



Absolutely disgraceful, for even the humblest citizen of Italy, but for the man who was elected to serve his country in the highest office in the land, downright deplorable.

And this wretch has the power to defy the coalition which has the support of a majority not only of elected parliamentarians but, according to the latest survey, no less than 60% of the Italian people?

Nevertheless, the leaders of both the Lega and the Five Stars seem determined to do their duty.

An impartial academic, Sergio Fabbrini, is quoted thus-

“It is absolutely clear that they want to respect their electoral promises,” he told EUobserver.

But better still!

“And it is impossible to implement their programme without a direct confrontation with the EU.”

Just a couple of examples from their joint programme indicate why the Euro-Commissars will be at odds with an resurgent italy under patriot command.

….calls for Italy and the EU to implement bilateral agreements with other countries in order to speed up the repatriation of migrants, saying “today there are around 500,000 irregular migrants in Italy”.

AND a pledge  to close all “illegal” Roma camps, set up a register of imams and immediately shut down “radical Islamic associations.”

Great stuff!

By the time this post of ours appears, during the night here in Indonesia, Italians and their enemies in Brussels will know which way discussions in the presidential corridors have gone.

Mattarella is the immediate danger.

He’d not long ago talked of appointing a non-partisan ( aka Euro-Grovel) premier if none of the parties were able to agree on a viable coalition, but the good guys made it clear they were having none of his obstructionist antics.

If all goes well on Monday, the real struggle will be on, and we should all be thinking of how best to offer support to Italians as they square up for a fight with our common enemies.

I especially hope that one particular prediction is correct, namely that the Lega leader, Matteo Salvini, will become Interior Minister.



He knows what needs to be done!


Italian parties stick by pledge to deport migrants