Arrogant Mama Stasi Cowers From German Patriots!

Last week there was a big debate in Germany’s parliament. Like every chancellor before her, Mama Stasi Merkel has the duty to to defend her coalition’s budget and answer her Bundestag critics.


Angry German tax-payers protest Die Fuhrerin


And she did – except for the criticism she got from the main opposition party, the Alternative for Germany.

As the largest party not part of the government, the AfD had the right to make the first speech and  did an excellent job, hammering the ruinous ‘migrant’ policies which have cost German tax-payers BILLIONS.


Gambar terkait


AfD’s Alice Weidel evidently grasps, as The Leftal (sorry, The Local ) doesn’t, that a budget debate requires attention to conscious, deliberate steps taken by the government that could only be disastrous.



Weidel said that Germany was becoming an importer of unqualified workers and an exporter of highly qualified workers…

German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

You don’t even seem to mind that you have fattened up our population with migrant criminals who have multiple identities,” Weidel said to Merkel.



And she could have said a lot more.

But to what purpose, because when Merkel stood up to deliver her reply, she completely ignored the AfD politician.

Ignorance of common courtesies?

Well, yes, pure pig-ignorance.

Inability to refute the points made by the leader of the largest opposition party?

No doubt.

But most of all….

..blatant CONTEMPT for the plain duty of any democratic government to acknowledge its responsibility to face, to take questions from, and to answer, elected representatives!


The Berlin Bitch did not once directly address the main opposition…



…and check out exactly how deeply Merkel despises normal parliamentary practice…

The contrast to how she dealt with other opposition politicians was stark – she responded directly to heckling from Die Linke at several points in her speech.


Stasi Documentary, March 13th – WIll Merkel Star? 

As a former lackey of the East German quisling regime’s red gestapo, the hag shouldn’t have surprised any of us by treating Die Linke more favourably than a party formed by patriots.

But while patriots and democrats must despise her authoritarian arrogance, the usual suspects in the rotten media saw nothing wrong with dissing democracy.

Merkel’s decision to act as if the AfD don’t exist met with approval from several German media outlets..

A little bit of credit to her underling Volker Kauder, who did show a sense of democratic accountability by addressing the patriots’ criticisms later in the debate. At least one leading light in the CDU understands what democratic principles require of politicians.

But one swallow doth not a summer make.

The Berlin Bitch needs a lesson in manners.


From the AfD!

I hope the electorate administers just that at the earliest opportunity, which, I think, is due on 14 October, when Bavarians get their State Election.