Can People-Power Bring Boston Back To Decency?


After our brief look at the late and unlamented Girl-Drowner some weeks ago…  …it’s encouraging to read that some citizens of the state he so foully misrepresented over too many years are organising a fightback against the ‘LGBT’ gaystapo…

=Gambar terkait

Pro-homo Governor Baker


…which, in Massachusetts, currently has not only the Media-Democrat Party but also the Republican Governor, a klutz named Baker, in its pink pocket.

Baker, remember, is the creepy character whom Scott Lively is taking on…Nemesis? Pro-Homo RINO In Lively Massachusetts Fight! …in a David V Goliath contest later this year.

There’s to be a referendum in November and the issue is simple – whether to keep or repeal the 2016 law which, as one campaigner explained, allows biological men to use the women’s restrooms…


.transgender bathroom pink


…and the law actually even allows sex offenders at all levels to use women’s restrooms, and they don’t have to have undergone gender transition surgery…”

You’d think it would be a slam-dunk, because, after all…

…who wants their wives or daughters to risk encountering a hirsute pervert in a public toilet?

But the rotten RINO Republicans and their Dem collaborators have much of the media backing the degenerate cause, like the notorious Boston Globe.

However, what matters is the ballot box.

Let’s hope there’s still a decent majority in the state, who want to…

Keep MA Safe (petition drive)