In France, Pro-Crimmigrants Fear For Their Safety!

Social workers say they are violent, uncontrollable and many are drug addicts.



Maybe not THE most evil, but evil enough, though the ‘child’ savages in Sweden would be hard to beat in terms of absolute undesirability.                    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun\

But in Paris nowadays, the failure of Retch Hollande to deport migrant savages in large numbers has led to some parts of the City of light resembling war-zones after dark..



Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

By another strange coincidence, the vile young swine – a gang of some 60 Moroccan unaccompanied children who have become the bane of the Goutte d’Or district –  described in our intro, happen to prowl the 18th arrondissement, the same area inhabited by both the ‘Egyptian student’ just recently arrested…

Why Was That Egyptian in France At All? 

…AND that stinking Chechen whose stabbing spree made worldwide headlines.

French Cops OK! But There’s Still Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

But it’s not just Goutte d’Or’ district.

Elsewhere, in Port de la Villette,  aid workers have demanded police assistance due to fears for their security as tensions flare…

Foolish in their choice to give aid and comfort to crimmigrants with no right whatsoever to be in Paris, or anywhere in France, these klutzes are belatedly smartening up.

Not before time.

How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

Maybe they’ve heard how Afghan filth in Calais raped that interpreter…                                     Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

…or maybe the true story, covered up for long enough, of another poor little do-gooder girl in Ventimiglia violated by alien vermin.             Woman ‘gang-raped in refugee camp ordered to stay SILENT…

The very idea that any illegal immigrant, adult or so-called ‘child’ should be free to roam at will around any civilised city is just madness.



Of course they should all be under lock and key, all day, very day!

But that’s a short-term solution.

The gist of the report is a squabble between Macron’s Minister Gérard Collomb and the rabid leftist Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Collomb’s case is that municipal authorities should initiate legal proceedings to evict illegal immigrants…  

Paris migrant crisis could spiral out of control, warn charities after two …

He points out correctly that even by limp-wrist EUSSR standards, the illegals ought to be deported back to whichever EU country they landed in.

Which is a damfool thing to do, because they have no respect for any law and will just coming oozing back, unless Italy or Spain or Greece puts them behind bars.

The proper course is to deport them OUT of Europe altogether.

Hidalgo, for her part, has gone out of her way to encourage  crimmigrants, as we’ve noted before.

Ain’t Just London Got An ‘Enemy Within’ Mayor! 

NOW she wants the state to handle housing them while dealing with their cases to avoid yet more chaos on the streets…

Housing them?

OK, if she means find a large field and surround it with electrified barbed wire, and armed guards with orders to shoot at any scumbag trying to make off, OK?

But proper housing, when there are French who need it?


And as for her next words?

“What are we waiting for? A huge fight? More deaths?” 

Perhaps a big fight, with a battalion of well-equipped special police to give the crimmigrants a hiding they’d never forget, might see an improvement of the ingrates’ manners.

The best idea is to make illegal aliens’ lives wretched, until they realise they’d be better off back whence they slithered.

PS –

Now we see a fleck of light at the end of at least one tunnel.

Police are preparing to dismantle camps holding close to 2,500 migrants in the French capital and order expulsions, France’s interior minister said on Wednesday…Collomb made clear in a statement that the operation will result in some migrants being expelled. Crowded Paris migrant camp ordered cleared as conditions worsen

OK, but only ‘some?’