Dirty Knickers Joke? Middle-Aged Bat Goes Bat-Sh#t!

Professor Richard Ned Lebow, 76, of King’s College, London, was in a lift at an academic convention in San Francisco.


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Professor Lebow


Instead of saying a floor, Lebow smiled and asked for the women’s lingerie department “and all his buddies laughed,” whined an uptight bint.

“After they walked out, the woman standing next to me turned to me and said, ‘I wonder if we should have told them that it is no longer acceptable to make these jokes!”

Good belly-laugh stuff, yeah?

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Not so much the old guy’s mild jest – and he disputes the accuracy of the story – but the whining bint’s response.

Who the HELL does she think she is, to tell him, or ANYBODY, what we may joke about?

Yes, the humourless shrew may be laughable, to normal human beings….


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Simona Sharoni (born 1961) is a feminist scholar and activist who is currently Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Merrimack College  (wikipedia)


…until we learn she has tried to launch a witch-hunt against Lebow and logically against everybody who doesn’t share the daft middle-aged bat’s inability to crack a smile.

Sourpuss Sharoni was so incensed by the harmless quip that she and some other demented dorkess REPORTED him to the International Studies Association, which was holding the convention.

The ISA referred the whine to their Committee on Professional Rights and Responsibilities.


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That crackpot gang determined that Lebow had violated the conduct code.

And worse!

The Naughty Professor had tried to make the Nutty Professor see reason. He chose to reach out to Prof. Sharoni, and termed her complaint ‘frivolous

Prof. Lebow has refused to apologise.

What has the old guy got to apologise for?

Was Nutjob Sharoni put out because she doesn’t believe in wearing underwear and was offended at the implication she does?


Or did she think Lebow was suggesting she needs to buy some clean knickers?

One hopes not, but she’s sure got her knickers in a twist. Some might even say it’s her mind that’s twisted!

Last words to her intended victim, who has sent an email to colleagues calling his treatment “a horrifying and chilling example of political correctness” that “encourages others to censor their remarks for fear of retribution.”