Would Les Dawson Have Got On Labour’s Women’s List?

Labour confirmed that men who self-identify as women will be eligible for all-female shortlists. It comes days after a party member was suspended for saying he was female on Wednesdays in an attempt to test their ‘self-ID’ policy.



Gambar terkait

Les Dawson must be chortling in Heaven!


On Monday it was revealed that Labour activist David Lewis was suspended from the party after standing as a women’s officer, claiming he identified as a woman on one day of the week – Wedneday.


Congrats to Mr. David Lewis for exposing the ‘trans’ nonsense to well-merited ridicule.

And shame on Labour for punishing him!



“My womanness is expressed by my saying, ‘I self-identify as a woman’ now and again on Wednesdays. I make no changes in my behaviour or my appearance.”



I know the late Les Dawson was perfectly normal but his funny photos are a delight and very apposite when considering what future freako Labour candidates may look like!