Quebec’s Cops- Cowards? Or Collaborators With The Red Nazi Gang?

Back in the day, we little kids in Canada were brought up to respect the police, admire they way they served society and protected honest citizens from criminals.


Not after a pretty lady was attacked by red nazis on a Canadian road while slimy cowards in full police uniform stood idly by and let it happen.

The lady was a patriotic journalist ( no, that phrase is not yet completely oxymoronic! ) whose dedicated commitment to exposing the truth we have noticed previously.

Canada’s Girls Fall Prey To Turdo’s ‘Refugee’ Sex-Predators! 

Her name’s Faith Goldy.


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Faith Goldy


Masked Antifa gang attack woman journalist as Canadian police watch, refuse to help

Goldy was set upon by a far-left gang on May 19 while attempting to video an anti-immigration protest at the illegal border crossing on Roxham Road, near Colette, Quebec….

.Police in full riot gear were on hand, but none of them intervened.

And needless to say…mainstream media were also out in strength, but they too, either ignored the incident or minimized it.

 Compare two videos of the attack, the first tweeted by ThinGrayLine.

ThinGrayLine 🐻@ThinGrayLine01

scums attacking @FaithGoldy after their protest was deemed illegal, police stood by and the medias are silent.

Angela MacKenzie@AMacKenzieCTV   – Far-right blogger Faith Goldy makes an appearance and counter protestors push her out. @CTVMontreal