Antifa Red Nazis Hover, As Dumbo Leftal Muddies Berlin Waters

I saw on DW TV today the German patriots readying to march, thousands of brave AfD loyalists cheering their leaders.



The same news report revealed that the anti-AfD mob were deliberately aiming their pinko parade towards a point near the Reichstag in order to obstruct the patriots.


Berlin – battle looming?


Let’s hope the cops keep the left provocateurs back.

But I have to hand it to The Leftal, sorry, The Local, for this surely deliberate obfuscation.

But AfD members have accused some opponents of threatening to use violence….


…members of the far-left extremist Antifa movement have on their website called for “chaos”, urging sympathisers “to sabotage the AfD rally using all necessary means”.

So it’s NOT just an AfD ‘accusation,’ but a clear and present danger, which, given the red nazi record…

Violent Reds Amok in Hamburg – 9 Cops Injured? Open Fire! 

…must be taken very seriously.