‘Fesyen Modest!’ That Offensive ‘Modest’ Label Hits Jakarta!

Remember Suryadharma Ali, President SBY’s Minister of Religious Affairs…




….and one of the most intolerant Islamists in Indonesia?



We used to feature him regularly on this blog, his outlandish bigoted outbursts against harmless minorities…



Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst 

But aside from his nasty prejudices against Muslims who dissented from his own dogmatic doctrines, he could make people laugh too, with odd-ball rants like this – viz.

The Beat, Jakarta, 29th March 2012 –  Indonesia’s powerful Religious Affairs minister, Suryadharma Ali, has declared that miniskirts are pornographic and should be banned under tough new anti-porn laws.

Appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono earlier this month to run the new task force into pornography, Ali told reporters in Jakarta yesterday that a set of universal criteria must be decided. He added that, “one criteria will be when anyone is wearing a skirt above the knee.”


Any normal person who reads such hogwash would laugh, because there is obviously nothing ‘pornographic’ about miniskirts, and in any event a lot of skirts that reveal knees are NOT miniskirts!

But although such drivel is not heard from the current Religion Minister, who tends to be fairly rational in his statements, his predecessor’s offensive mind-set seems to be alive and well in today’s Jakarta.

  • Read this-   Liputan6.com, Jakarta
  • Modest wear tidak hanya membuat penampilan menjadi lebih sopan tetapi juga lebih anggun. …menawarkan koleksi bernuasa mewah yang tak lekang waktu untuk para wanita yang mendambakan gaya berpakaian sopan namun elegan yang cocok untuk acara formal maupun semi formal.
  • Fear not – I translate!
  • ‘Modest Wear not only makes the appearance more polite but also more elegant….offers a timeless luxury collection for women who crave polite but elegant dress styles suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasionsGaya Anggun dengan Modest Wear ala Ibu Negara
  • Sopan does mean ‘polite,’ and in this context indicates what is acceptable in respectable company.

  • There are photos that do indeed show us that women in these Un-Indonesian styles can be attractive and elegant. A pretty gal can wear just about anything and still turn heads.

  • But that’s not the point.

  • I like going out and about – as regular readers know, partying is my hobby.

  • =
  • And a party isn’t a party without nice-looking ladies!

  • No expert in women’s fashions, me!

  • So my wish to describe how most female guests at most parties here look has required me to scan the internet.

  • Here’s an excellent example of typical evening-out wear.

  • ====

  • Amazing Business Casual For Women For Women Business Casual Attire
  • ===
  • Knees galore! So I ask you, are those delightful ladies in ANY way NOT ‘polite’ or somehow unacceptable in civilised company?

  • Yet using those absurd words fesyen modest (‘modest fashion’) about Arabised clothing-styles plainly suggests that non-Arabised clothing styles are either NOT ‘sopan‘ or at the very least less ‘sopan!’

  • One expects this kind of propagandist misrepresentation in London…

  • =
  • Gambar terkait
  • Offensive!    MILLIONS of modest women DON’T wear such things
  • ====
  • Sukses di Eropa, Modest Fashion Week Akan Digelar di Jakarta

  • …which is something of a hub for nonsense, but it’s a pity this loaded lingo has now popped up in Jakarta.

  • It would be much more honest to describe what’s called ‘Modest Fashion‘ in that report as ‘clothing designed to flaunt one’s Islamic allegiance.’

  • I have not named the persons and places involved with  the Jakarta show, nor am I saying that ladies who wear the stuff are not modest.

  • Women should be free to go around the town wearing what they like…

  • =
  • =
  • …except of course burkas.

  • What I object to is the clear implication that girls who opt to wear ‘modest wear’ are necessarily modest, or more modest, than girls who dress to look cute.

  • =
  • That’s just hogwash!

  • But it’s hogwash that, if unchallenged,can lead to very unpleasant social outcomes.

  • Aurat OK – The Moronic Malaysian War On Women! 

We can’t say for sure what Suryadharma Ali’s got to say about all this, because he was imprisoned for corruption a while ago, but I bet the sort of people who like THIS idea of women’s wear…

‘Fathers, Husbands…

…Their Private Parts Are Your Responsibility.’


…will disagree with just about everything I’ve written above.

PS  for the fanatic definition of ‘aurat,’ please insert the word into our Search box and sit back to enjoy a laugh or tow this Sunday morning.