Vaffanculo, Matarella! Impeach This Lousy President!

So all those months of tortuous negotiation have been washed down the drain by one man’s arrogance.

We named the Europhiliac President Matarella as the problem  facing Italy just a week ago…


Gambar terkait

‘Europe is his absolute priority’

Viva Italia! Patriot Allies Face Down Europhiliac President! 

….but at that point we honestly never thought Matarella would kick his own country in the teeth and diss democracy in such a brazen way.

“We were a few steps away from forming a government, and we were stopped because in our cabinet there was a minister who criticized the EU,”



That’s Five Star leader Di Maio’s surely accurate diagnosis of the situation.

“I want this institutional crisis to be taken to parliament… and the president tried…”

De Maio then quoted the details of the Italian Constitution (like the UK’s though that is unwritten) the head of state has powers but rarely uses them.

Presidential intervention might be defensible if the ministerial candidate were of doubtful sanity, or corrupt.

But certainly NOT to defy the will of the Italian people as expressed via the ballot.

Sergio ‘Enemy Within’ Matarella and his comrade, Liar Juncker, will see nothing wrong with trying to instal a collaborationist ‘interim government,’ eager to play the Brussels game by Brussels rules.



But most Italians may beg to differ from The Liar and The Traitor.

Di Maio’s quite clear. Under that article, the president would be voted on “for high treason or attacking the constitution” 

Italy’s 5-star leader says president should be impeached

By the way, ‘Vaffanculo’ is a VERY rude Italian word.

Urban Dictionary: vaffanculo