More Satanic Murders, In Liege. Now Strike Back!

Another filthy jihadist beast, a monster with no conscience, has murdered innocent people whilst hollering his sectarian war-cry.

Belgium shooting: Terrorist gunman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ kills two

Good that the pig was shot dead, but two Belgian police-women are dead too, and a poor young man simply sitting in a parked car, so we read.

The score is uneven.

It’s about time Belgium grew a set, viz. – call an emergency parliamentary session, vote to repudiate the terrorist protectors on the European Court…


ECHR Protocol on absolute ban on the death penalty … 

…and then move quickly on, the restoration of capital punishment, retrospectively!

In other words…


Hasil gambar untuk do the right thing


Count the total of innocents killed, double that number, then take that number of terrorist vermin out of Belgian prisons, and/or round up the ISIS rape-gang rats whom the Belgians have insanely allowed back from the Middle East…..


…then put ’em up against the nearest wall.

I know, I know, it is not going to happen, not yet at least.

But it would work.