Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias!

Deja vu

Two Arrogant Examples of the Enemy Within? The Matarella/Merkel Axis


That bearded American creep, Brent Goof, who ‘does’ the Deutsche Welle news ( does it in, more like! ) was in spectacular bias mode this morning…


Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW


…feeding lines to a leftist Italian MEP –  who hardly needed it, such was her vitriolic hostility to the defenders of democracy in her own country.


Hasil gambar untuk elly schlein

Elly Schlein MEP – ‘ Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament’


The sheer dishonesty of the German tax-funded broadcaster was exemplified by their complete failure to identify Elly Schlein’s party allegiance  – so that meant a brief bout of research on my part.


Red Renzi- remember him?

Sure enough, she’s a leading member of Red Renzi’s leftist ‘Democrat’ Party, which, need I remind you, was HAMMERED in the Italian elections.

DW’s Little Sir Echo, ex-CNN hack Brent Goff, eagerly orchestrated Comrade Schlein’s harangue against the elected representatives of Five Star and the Lega, with neat little cues like –

That’s exactly what these anti-euro parties wanted, right?’

…’right? surely ‘left?‘…


As if they had plotted to give Bastardo Matarelli no choice but to sabotage all the long hard months of work the pro-Italian pair had put into putting together a new Italian government…


Patriot Lega leader Salvini


…with Extremist Elly singling out Matteo Salvini, suggesting he had deliberately provoked the constitutional crisis, by choosing as nominee for Minister of Finance a distinguished economist who has recognised the euro system as a “German Cage,” just so Sergio Bastardo Matarella, as an EUSSR lapdog, would be bound to refuse him – can’t have dissent heard from Rome, can we?


The Puppeteer?

Hence Merkel’s media lapdogs’ furious animosity, I guess.

DW boldly sent interviewers onto Rome’s streets, where they managed to talk to no less than THREE ‘shoppers‘ of whom TWO were pro-Bastardo and NONE were supporters of the Salvini/DI Maio people-power alliance!

All hail DW’s commitment to objective reporting!



I have relatively few Italian readers, who all seem to be well-informed, so they don’t need me to urge that they show the world that DW’s carefully selected ‘Italian-in-the-street’ interviewees do NOT speak for Italy.


Join the pro-democracy demo in Rome on 2nd June!



Drive that BASTARDO Matarella OUT of the Quirinal Palace.