Soros Renews Attack On UK – Hungary Hits Back!

Isn’t Theresa May a disgrace?




While she does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop alien meddling in Britain’s internal affairs….

George Soros delves back into British politics…

….her crass indifference to the latest enemy action is rendered even more shameful by her failure to use her remaining (Remainer!?!) powers within the EU to block the Euro-Commissars’ jihad against the country….



…which is putting up the most heroic resistance to Brussels bullying.


Viktor Orbán’s government has introduced a controversial set of laws to the Hungarian parliament, known informally as the “Stop Soros” plan, that would impose jail terms on people or organisations deemed to be aiding illegal immigration.


“Those who provide financial means … or conduct this organisational activity on a regular basis will be punishable with up to one year in prison,” read part of the law…

And it gets better all the time!

How many times have you and I noted that no REAL ‘refugee’ will find himself a free democratic country and then scuttle through it as fast as possible…



….just because, once he’s gate-crashed a few more frontiers, the tax-funded gravy-trains provide lots more yummy pickings for parasites?



Do these filthy savages assailing Hungary’s frontier even LOOK like ‘refugees?’


Hasil gambar untuk hungary border migrants


Of course they’re not!

Yet while other governments take their cue from the Commissars in Brussels, and even get menaced by the supranational EUSSR cabal if there’s even the slightest sign that a government cares more for its own people than for uninvited illegal aliens…

Austria plans to cut benefits for foreignerssets Austria on a collision course with Brussels 

…Hungary shows welcome realism!

…additional provisions make it impossible for anyone to claim asylum in Hungary if they passed through a country deemed safe prior to their arrival.


Hungary’s admirable endeavours will without a doubt bring down EUSSR fury on the brave but small nation, and while Poland may well have Orban’s back, otherwise the Magyars will face the foe alone.

Theresa May could preempt that problem right now with a short sharp speech announcing that the UK won’t endorse ANY punitive measures against Hungary, and if the Juncker clique does push such measures through, the UK will defy them.

Oh, and the same should go for Poland.


If the British voice and vote in the months to come creates havoc for the malign leadership of the Evil Empire…

….that same Evil Empire might see a need to facilitate Brexit, ASAP!