Latest California Lunacy – Bribe Criminals Not To Kill!

Whilst I try to provide a balanced geographical diet, news and comment from all over the world, PJ Media in the USA so often comes up with delectable stories that I am regularly drawn to their site as a source of pinko-nutjob material.



A California city is seriously considering a program to pay residents “deemed most likely to shoot somebody,” on the premise that paying them will make crime less likely.


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Michael Tubbs, mayor of the Bay Area city of Stockton, defended the idea of giving money specifically to the people most likely to shoot others. He would give a stipend of $1,000 per month to those who “stay the course” after an 18-month program….

What need of comment?

Aaah, hell, let’s comment.

Despite the wishes of most Californians -in 2016, Golden State voters narrowly approved a ballot initiative to speed up the death penalty, Proposition 66..Most California governor candidates oppose the death penalty — but …



–  the ‘we-know-best’ left-liberal elite in the Media-Democrat party has been obstructing the imposition of capital punishment there for years.

And that elite is getting more, not less, dismissive of the democratic will!

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California’s Dianne Feinstein Drops Support for Death Penalty

If every street crim who takes a life were put to death, THAT might make a difference to the  number of homicides.

BUT…with gubernatorial elections due this year, voters do have a clear choice..

Five of the six top candidates oppose the death penalty….

The only candidate who personally supports the death penalty is Assemblyman Travis Allen, an Orange County Republican who vowed in an interview to “clean out this death row in California.”


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“Why should California allow these people the luxury of life when they have taken it so cruelly from so many others?” he asked. “Every single day that these people are alive is another insult to the families of their victims.”

Most California governor candidates oppose the death penalty — but …

I decided to comment after all because Donald Trump has endorsed another Republican, named Cox, who, disturbingly, does not support the death penalty. His excuse for this dereliction is his allegiance to the Argie Dope – he seems to think being a Catholic precludes backing for natural justice.

One can only suggest he reads more history and gets his act together before the imminent polling day.

We expect better from The Donald.