Senior Austrian Official Exposes ‘The Mosque Route?’

Just a little strange, is it not, that while a minor part of the media in the Balkans is reporting that Austrian Interior Ministry’s asylum, migration and human rights directorate chief has warned that a new migrant route is being created –

“- the mosque route -” 

– the big media around the world have not, so far, covered the story.


Gambar terkait

Austria’s Webinger


The senior Austrian official’s name is Peter Webinger and he explains the route’s name – as the crimmigrants come oozing up towards their preferred benefit troughs in northern and western Europe, through Albania, Montenegro or Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia, they are given aid and comfort on their lawless quest…

…mosques along the route support refugees in their movement. 

What’s equally worrying, alarming, even, is that there are a number of videos in Arabic posted on the internet describing in detail the route through the region, towards the EU.

Herr Webinger, a man who obviously prefers a low-key approach, says there’s “a possibility of such a development of a situation that could lead to an increase in the refugee wave.”

Or is that a mere clumsy translation of what he said?

Either way, this is not good.

It makes me wonder how much Turkey’s Erdogan may be part of this disgraceful operation.


“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


Erdolf’s Islamist expansionism is well-known.

No matter, for the moment.

Any mosque – or any other institution, for that matter, religious or not – found to be guilty of collaboration with illegal aliens MUST be closed down and those involved in the criminal enterprise need to be put behind bars…


….or, if aliens themselves, deported promptly.