Mama’s Bayern Buddies On The Spot!

Sure, Germany is a Christian country, and so there’s no logical objection to the Bavarian state government suddenly requiring installation of crosses in Land offices.


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But it all seems a tad sudden, the move by Mama Stasi Merkel’s CSU allies in Munich. It all looks like a tactic in the run-up to the Land election in October.

Now, however, there’s a real chance for the CSU to show how truly they’re committed to the German cause.

The AfD patriot party has demanded a full-scale Bundestag enquiry into Mama’s muck-up.



This call stems from the Bremen Scandal, the horrific revelation that the federal migration office in that northern city has knowingly and regularly disregarded legal regulations and internal rules,’ approving thousands of so-called ‘asylumers’ applications which were not actually investigated.


The AfD on its own hasn’t the numbers to get the enquiry off the ground, but the FDP – usually described as the pro-business party – may join the call.

They’d still be short and all would hinge on the Bavarians.

If they stood up to the Berlin Bitch,  the parliamentary probe would be launched.



After the rapine and murder and now the discovery that the federal bureaucrats entrusted to oversee who gets to stay  – and who has to go – have been subverting the process, public anger over the horde must be near boiling point.

If the CSU fails to take the patriotic side, they may face an unprecedented Bavarian battering.

And a thoroughly well-deserved one, at that.


“ It wasn’t possible to do this and it won’t be in future either.”

Beatrix von Storch, of the AfD was quite right to mock that absurd slogan we heard from Die Fuhrerin –  “wir schaffen das” (“we can do this”) when the horde was pouring in three years ago.

Many Germans, even those who once faithfully served Merkel’s party, believe her importation of a million primitives was based neither on benevolence nor on ineptitude…


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Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

…but on a malignant Weltanschauung fostered during her years with the East German quisling regime’s red gestapo.

An enquiry might be turned into a white-wash.

But maybe not.