‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops?

And as the sun goes down in Jakarta tonight, a look at the news from Germany suggests that a latter-day version of the swastika seems to have risen over Berlin…



….where, according to the Times of Israelhttps://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-says-he-was-assaulted-in-berlin-for-listening-to-hebrew-song/ – a young Israeli man, waiting for a train in Zooli Station with a couple of pals, was confronted by some of the primitive alien scum who have insanely been allowed to colonise the German capital.

The completely inoffensive trio ‘were attacked!’


Because the Israeli lad was listening to a Hebrew song!


The filthy savages went berserk, ranting that

“Berlin is our city now…

…and here we don’t listen to fucking Jewish music.”.

One of the victims was taken to hospital, a broken bottle the new-style Arab nazis’ weapon of choice. Then OF COURSE the yellow-bellied pigs scuttled off…



…before any cops might materialise to apprehend them.


Yes, but here’s what’s disturbing.

The incident was recorded on the station’s security cameras…Berlin police said in a statement that since the assailants fled the scene the police could not provide details of their identities.

No footage to study, no description of the filthy savages?

End of story?

How about a dragnet through the bad parts of Berlin, where these crimmigrants congregate?

Or are the Keystones reduced to telling us it’s no use because all undesirable aliens look alike?