Don’t Insult Romanians – These Unwelcome Aliens Are Roma!

A disturbing, alarming even, story in the news last week, the telling us that Eire citizens are no longer the largest alien minority in the UK.

It was always madness that people from an alien and hostile country, which harbours expansionist ambitions to annex part of the realm, should be allowed not only to settle in huge numbers…

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…but also to be given the right to vote in UK parliamentary elections and ALSO in the Brexit referendum.

Now, however, we read that ‘Romanians are now the 2nd biggest migrant group in UK!’

If these colonists WERE Romanians, real Romanians, a people who showed courage and resilience throughout their near fifty years under marxist tyranny…



…then I’d not be especially vexed.

But RT, which published the story, MUST know full well that the plague of wasters attributed to Romania may well carry Romanian passports…


….but are in fact ROMA.

And we know all about the contribution THEY make wherever they go.

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And not only in Europe!

RT should try a fact-check.

Travel documents can say one thing but realities are strikingly different, sometimes.  This kind of insulting slur on a decent nation has happened in the past…

Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem! 

…and the media should make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The only consolation is that these Roma spreading across the British Isles have not (yet) got a vote in parliamentary elections – or referenda.