If ‘Incel’ Guilty, Will His Turdo-Bonus Exceed Khadr’s?

I see that the preparations for the trial in Toronto are grinding along….

Veteran defence lawyers to represent accused van killer Alek Minassian

…and that prompts me to voice a question, whether, in view of Turdo’s known generosity towards terrorist scum…

Another Stick To Beat The Turdo-Khadr Dirty Deal! 

…we should expect Canada’s Prime Minister to do, if the ‘Incel’ creep named Alik Minassian, charged with the mass-murder in Toronto last month, is convicted?


Hasil gambar untuk incel ideology

After all, both Khadr and the Incels attribute their evil to a twisted sexist ideology that regards women as little better than breeding animals.

Who are the ‘incels’ and how do they relate to Toronto van attack…Who are the ‘incels’ and how do they relate to Toronto van attack?  The Guardian

Cold-blooded slaughter of innocents is no different if it’s because of backward, barbaric hang-ups like Khadr’s, implanted from primitive societies…


….or if it’s because a bunch of pathetic puerile pukes got turned down flat every time they asked a girl for a date.


Turdo granted Killer Khadr his generous hand-out ( $10.5 million) to compensate him for the puny punishment Khadr had received after he pled guilty to murdering just one innocent man.


Given the death toll on Yonge Street was over ten times that figure, will Turdo use more Canadian tax-dollars  – to the tune of $100 million, maybe – to ease the stress and strain suffered by whomsoever may be found guilty?

Or is it only Islamists, not Incels, that merit such munificent Turdoid largesse?