Varadkar, The Latest Exemplar Of Ulster's Eternal Enemy!

Good for Ulster’s most forthright defender, TUV leader Jim Allister..


..who has denounced the latest manifestation of the disloyal minority’s treasonous recidivism as “sick and insulting”.

Take this vile show, in Andersonstown Social Club.

‘The Great Escape’. This will see leaders of the 1983 Maze Prison jailbreak – in which 38 IRA prisoners escaped and a prison officer died – recount the event.

Or this, due in August!

‘From Guerrilla War to Government –The Ballymurphy Story Tour!’

Another good man, Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie, refutes the title, rightly saying that the ‘guerilla war’ referred to in the programme “amounted to the murder of men, women and children….purely by the wording you get a sense that it is glorifying and romanticising terrorism.

And guess who came mincing into Ulster from his foreign realm down south to open the programme of events.


Hasil gambar untuk varadkar gerry adams

Leo Varadkar, Eire’s ‘gay’ leader


Mr Beattie recognises that “by opening the programme, he is endorsing the programme.

“The promotion of terrorism is wrong and he should reconsider.”

Sensible sentiments echoed by TUV’s Jim.

Varadkar’s opening of the festival was “grossly insulting to victims of IRA terrorism….



…given the nature of the event…an event which commemorates and celebrates a terrorist ‘success’ in this fashion is sick and insulting.

“Once again the concerns of victims have been forgotten about.”

“It would do no harm for the Irish Government to, for once, think about the concerns and feelings of innocent victims.“


But why would Dublin’s annexationist in-crowd ever do that, Jim?

They are currently using Brexit to pursue their endless political war against the British people of Ulster’s right to self-determination…


…a goal they share whole-heartedly with the most evil men on the island of Ireland.

But one question. I thought May’s government was meant to be taking action against those who glorify terrorism?

Does that only apply to Islamists?

If it is aimed at ALL terrorism, why have these disgusting events in Belfast not been shut down and its promoters arrested?