EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias

EUObserver’s bias doesn’t get any better as time passes!


Just been reading a nasty little (actually quite long and verbose) hit-job by one of their hacks, named Andrew Rettmann…


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….who has the nerve to call it an –


Israeli propaganda attacks EU funds for NGOs

The EU is funding “NGOs with ties to terror.” Israel has claimed as foreign ministers meet, in a stunt resembling Russian tactics.


‘Russian tactics?’

Note the snide and prejudicial reference to ‘Russia,’ which has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

Like all Europhiliac propagandists, Rettmann assumes a quick allusion to Russia will skew readers’ perceptions…



….but if you know he is a frequent contributor to the Guardian, and the Huff Post, that should ward off much of the skew – he’s left-liberal, if not far-left, and when it comes to manipulation of Russophobia, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference!

And I say ‘story’ advisedly, as it’s hardly any kind of ‘analysis.’ The whole purpose of Rettmann‘s scribbling is to champion the far-left ‘NGOs’ exposed by the Israelis.

Note also his pejorative choice of vocabulary – the hostile ‘regurgitates’ rather than the objective ‘repeats’ is an obvious example….

…or how he likens the well-sourced Israeli report to a ‘who-dun-it!’

Rettmann was born in Warsaw and studied in England, but it’s not clear if he has any loyalty to any country.

However, he is true to his ideology, and actually defends the ‘right’ of anyone in Europe to applaud the terror gangs.’



But by doing so he misses the whole point, which is not whether or not these subversive swine have the ‘right’ to express support for the cause promoted by Hamas’ sectarian violence…

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…but whether or not YOU  – European tax-payers – should have YOUR money dished out to them by Brussels apparatchiks.


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  • By all means read his pro-parasite diatribe but you might learn a lot more by reading a report which casts doubt as to why he’s got his pinko knickers in such a twist.