‘Young Men-Recently Arrived-Assertive Political Conscience!’

Three men are to stand trial in Sweden for an alleged fire bomb attack on a Gothenburg synagogue in 2017, accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at the building.

Bad enough, brazen arson, were they Swedes, but far from it. They’re not even naturalised aliens, but a trio of Arabs who have, in the prosecutor’s words, just ‘recently arrived in Sweden.’

‘Identified by the synagogue’s surveillance cameras-‘ –a Syrian and two Palestinians?

Guilty or not, you have to ask, how come Sweden is still bringing in this sort?

Actually, there ought to be a dozen awaiting trial, because that was how many threw multiple burning objects at the synagogue…

….on December 9th, but only five were arrested, 2 later released for ‘lack of evidence.’

All the cowardly louts involved were wearing masks.



Another good reason to ban face-coverings, one might think.

The defence lawyer denies all guilt on the pair’s part.

They risk a minimum of six years in prison followed by expulsion.

If guilty, then expulsion is only fair.

One does not enter somebody else’s country, whining about what a terrible time one’s had back home, then at once engage in mayhem.

But even if the court convicts them, will they be put out?

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….even when

Sweden’s record of weak-kneed appeasement offers little hope of that.