Moooo! Penka Lives OK!

Just arisen, got my first coffee, opened the emails, and lo, though Jakarta is – unusually this month – rather overcast, there is news to brighten the otherwise dull day


 Hasil gambar untuk gentle cow

Save This Cow – She’s Infinitely Nicer Than Jihadist Sows! 


Victory for Penka!

Bulgarian officials have announced that Penka will not be put down, following an outcry from eurosceptics and animal lovers across the continent – including Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney. This cow lives to graze another day – thanks all for signing the petition.

So now I feed the cat and face this Tuesday morning buoyed by one small win over the forces of darkness…



….and decide what to do in a huge city with a dwindling population, almost everyone I know either gone out of town or packing to do so, the Idul Fitri holiday now just days away.



Deep thought required. .

I can either tidy up, do the washing and mop the floor…


Hasil gambar untuk hard housework

I tried Google for a picture to illustrate ‘hard housework’ – alas, no phone number was included.


…or use this blog to annoy pinkos.


What do YOU think I’ll choose to do?