Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers!

…BBC praised for its ‘inclusivity,’ introduces gender neutral toilets

And the mandarins at Broadcasting House get COMMENDED for this stunning waste of public money?!?


It’s not just the bias that’s shameful!


Yes indeed!

Ofcom, another tax-funded parasitical outfit – does their office have special toilets for the sexually-maladjusted too? – has praised the BBC for this profligate waste of British tax-payers’ money. The queer-infested state broadcaster beats its rivals on inclusiveness when it comes to gender-neutral toilets, a new report from media regulator Ofcom has found.

According to The Times, Ofcom’s investigation into diversity in the radio industry….



Hold on there!

Who told them to waste THEIR time and MORE public money running any such investigation?



Presumably that buck stops on the desk of St. Theresa of Transgendria?

The Hell with HER!

But let’s carry on, because you Brit readers need to know that the inquisitive Ofcom found that the state-run broadcaster has installed gender-neutral restrooms in all of its buildings where practically possible…


At what cost?


….as well as offering paid leave to those changing their gender in a bid to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for transgender employees.

What’s that called? Not ‘gardening leave,’ I guess.

Gambar terkait

Maybe ‘shearing’ leave?’

So while you old folks struggle to get by on your pension and you young folks wonder if you can afford a mortgage, these stinking parasites splurge YOUR  money on deranged ‘men’ who like to imagine they’re ‘women’ and similarly afflicted ‘women’ who want to pretend to be ‘men?’


And has NONE of your MPs had sufficient sense of responsibility even to raise this nonsensical situation in the House of Commons?

Clearly not, or you might have heard of it before now!

Ask them! It takes but a moment to email your MP!