Imagine Waking Every Morn With A Foul-Mouthed Slag!

I more or less skipped that slag Samantha Bee, resisting the temptation to despatch a mercy-package of carbolic soap for her noisome mouth, but this latest foul-mouthed cow rates a mention…


…only because she/it makes me wonder how low a certain class of American women can sink.

Having disgraced herself publicly not long ago, then apologised, she has now shown that, even for a fairly old bat (not that far off sixty!) she still has the mind of an adolescent slag.

Rather than reprint and condemn her latest Tourettean rubbish, I append the link below, and instead look on the bright side.

Hasil gambar untuk oh happy day


Isn’t it a grand life I lead!

Imagine having to wake up beside that ghastly grotbag every morning!.