Brussels Sticky-Beaks Weep For Scumbag – Bravo, Thailand!

A Thai thug named Teerasak Longji took an innocent life.


The swine stabbed a 17-year-old high school student no less than TWENTY FOUR TIMES.


To steal the defenceless teen’s smartphone and wallet.

Now the worthless scumbag’s own life is over, by lethal injection.

Mr Theerasak’s execution represents a clear step backwards.

So says the European Union, where abolition of the death penalty has never been put to a democratic referendum.


Why do Juncker and Merkel and Macron and May dignify vermin by calling them ‘Mister?

The European Union calls on the Government of Thailand to refrain from any future executions, and work towards a moratorium and the eventual abolishing of the death penalty.

We should normally not feel any need to communicate with the Government of Thailand on what is a purely internal affair..

…but in order to balance that arrogant intrusion from Brussels, you may think it a good idea to send congratulations to the Thai Ministry of Justice.