Pluck The Red Hen – Call Discrimination Out!

Just up, a nice long Sunday sleep till 11.00am today and all that sunshine deserves my attention, so once my coffee fix is completed, it’s off to beautiful downtown Jakarta for me.

But before that?

The infantile leftist who runs The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, a woman named Wilkinson, who refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday, is ipso facto guilty of discrimination.

She deserves to get some blow-back as a result of such vindictive malice. No violence or vandalism of course but condemnation and boycott, at least.

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There are several Red Hen restos in the USA but the one owned by the pinko creep is in Lexington, Virginia.

Washington StLexington, VA 24450-2528
Telephone  +1 540-464-4401
It’s also on Facebook.
Shockingly, what are referenced as ‘online trolls’ have been giving the place bad reviews!

There’s absolutely no need to slander it.

Merely remind potential customers that if they hold views or do jobs that don’t meet the proprietrix’s snotty left approval, they may be wasting their time by entering the premises.