Why Would Any Canadian Cop Glorify Terrorism?

I had an email forwarded to me from Canada, which people ought to know about.

It concerns some peculiar policeman there, sadly in Ontario, which when I lived there….

…was a wonderful, and very sane place, who has evidently shown contempt for his role as impartial guardian of Canadian law.

And worse, the indifference of most Canadian media towards telling the truth about the incident.


Hasil gambar untuk khalistan flag police

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Air India Bombing – the worst terrorist attack in Canadian history.

In 1985, Khalistani terrorists blew up a Toronto-based Air India flight and gruesomely murdered 329 innocent men, women and children.

Despite his heinous crime, the terrorist mastermind of that bombing, Talwinder Singh Parmar, is glorified and considered a “martyr” by some radicals in Canada.

The World Sikh Organization once tweeted, “There are no current examples of ‘Sikh extremism’ in Canada.”

But this is far from the truth.

Last week, an image of a Peel Regional Police officer standing in front of a patrol car flying a yellow Khalistan independence flag was circulated across social media.

The Khalistani flag represents a radical and often violent movement and Khalistani activists have called for violence – even terrorism – to promote and advance their narrow goals.

The photo made the news in India but was mostly ignored by mainstream media in Canada.

Will you help me get this news to Canadians?

Canadians deserve to know that there are Khalistani sympathizers living amongst us.