Gosh! Delightful Arab Girls Dressing Appropriately!

It’s sad but true that even here in Indonesia, the number of pathetic bag-heads one sees around town has risen in the past year or two.

I’m not talking about head-scarfing – though that’s increased too – but repulsive backward burkas!



They’re still a tiny minority but it’s a pity to see any at all. At least in Europe, more and more countries are outlawing the unsightly head-shrouds.


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  • However, it was with considerable glee that I read of a city in Lebanon, smack-dab in the Middle East…


Hasil gambar untuk lebanon map


…an undeniably Arabic land, where not just women but POLICE-WOMEN are now sporting appropriate outfits that leave those policed in no doubt at all that these custodians of law and order are indeed women.


Hasil gambar untuk lebanese police shorts

And here’s an RT video to prove it!