Don’t Pluck The Wrong Red Hen! But Beware Google Gag!


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You will remember – it was only last week! – that I made a point of saying that the nasty leftist’s Red Hen resto was in Lexington, Virginia, and that there were other completely blameless eateries named Red Hen elsewhere.

Unfortunately, some understandably indignant Americans did not take the time to consider this important point and we now read that non-far-left-owned restos unluckily sharing the name have been targetted quite unfairly for the crass, ignorant and infantile behaviour of that weasel Wilkinson in Lexington…


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…who, BTW, turns out to be a relative of the nauseating pinko bigot Meryl Streep.

Please be more careful.

However, I have also noted that Google has shown its true left censorship character –Google later quietly deleted the negative reviews on its site

…which again shows how completely untrustworthy Google truly is.

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As if we didn’t know!

I suggest that any readers who have not so far made clear their abhorrence of the discriminatory behaviour by Comrade Wilkinson of the Red Hen (Lexington!) should now swing into action.

I would also suggest that they box clever, as some Brits put it, and avoid overtly political denunciations.

Have a look at the online photos, which, as POTUS himself has pointed out, offer ideas on what customers might find amiss.