The Spectre Of Cast-Iron Cameron’s Deceit Looms Up!

Even though Cast-Iron Cameron was forced to resign when Brits saw through his Project Far and voted for freedom from Brussels, we still have a few likenesses of the creep on file.

So once more we present the most relevant, and pass on the latest CfM bulletin for your perusal.

In February 2013, David Cameron wrote to a constituent who was concerned about the redefinition of marriage:

“You raise particular concerns about the role of teachers. Teachers will continue to have the clear right to express their own beliefs, or that of their faith, in a professional way. This includes the belief that marriage should be between one man and one woman.



No teacher will be required to promote or endorse views which go against their beliefs.”

But now, David Cameron’s assurance is being flatly contradicted by draft Government guidance for England.

An independent school is to be failed if its curriculum “suggests that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law”.

If schools have that threat hanging over them, it’s inevitable that teachers who believe in traditional marriage will be prevented from expressing their beliefs. The same goes for pupils. Debate will be shut down.

Many of those who voted in favour of same-sex marriage weren’t expecting disagreement to be forbidden. They weren’t voting for traditional marriage supporters to be gagged. They took promises about free speech – including David Cameron’s – at face value.

But it seems the Department for Education has forgotten those assurances.

We need to remind the Government to keep its promises.

Coalition For Marriage