Red Nazi Antifa Violence Flares Again – Outlaw The Scum!

The Antifa Red Nazis did their usual worst to stop free speech in Portland, Oregon this weekend…



…a blatant attempt to stomp on the rights of pro-Trump Americans gathered peacefully to show their support for the President’s efforts to prevent crimmmigration.

Even the far-left Huff Post had to admit that the violence was due to Antifa anti-fascist protesters, who showed up in opposition to the event…


Counterprotesters threw eggs, half-empty water bottles and firecrackers at demonstrators shortly after the march by right-wingers began…

So the Red Nazis were clearly the aggressors.

But the Patriot Prayer Group took the advice I offered last year…

The Other Cheek? Won’t Work With Red Nazis! 

….and fought back.

This is the second time in four weeks that the Left’s storm-troops have resurrected their political ancestors’ tactics in that American city.


Portland sees bloody fighting as Antifa activists storm Patriot Prayer ..

It’s high time Antifa were treated as a terrorist gang – morally no different from ISIS. The Feds need to cleanse United States streets of this marxist filth.