Hidup Wartegku! Jakarta’s Best Eatery?

I just went out a while ago, to see if my favourite Jakarta eatery, my local warteg…

warung Tegalshortened as warteg (a food stall that specifically serves Javanese food) Backstory behind favorite dining spot of locals: ‘warteg’ 


NOT my warteg – don’t want it crowded out!


…has re-opened – the proprietrix, like most everyone else, goes back to her home-town, Tegal, Central Java, in her case, for every annual Idul Fitiri holiday.

And sure enough, it has!


Hasil gambar untuk tegal map


A yummy feast, my brunch, of telor puyung, pare, rice, tempe, tahu and es teh manis – use Google translate and all for under Rp.20,000 – about two Canadian bucks!

Both the lady owner and her young waitresses – she always bring some new ones back from her visits home – are friendly, and speedy at serving up the food.

If I thought the modest diner had a chance, I’d enter it in “Now Jakarta’s” annual competition…





The NOW! Jakarta Best Restaurant, Bar & Café Awards (Jakarta BRBCA) voting platform is officially open.

Now it’s time for you to have your say!

…but on previous form, the only restos with any chance of success are the haunts of the rich, or at least those who are richer than I, or the other warteg customers, and although many likely candidates for the ‘Now’ award are plush and shiny, they aren’t places…



…where you’d even get a cuppa coffee for the price I paid today for a plateful of filling local dishes!

But you are certainly welcome to have a go.

Simply visit best.nowjakarta.co.id and click ‘Log In’. Registration only requires an email address, you’ll get a Confirmation Email in your inbox to validate your details. Once you’ve confirmed, Log In to the Jakarta BRBCA website and start voting!