Ladies of Spain, Bravo – But Beware!

No doubt many of you too were watching the news, from Spain, last month, where thousands of angry women – and men- turned out to protest at the kid-glove court which has not only handed down a soft sentence to a gang of predators but now released the unspeakable pending an appeal.

Having criticised Spain quite harshly in recent months, I have to be fair and applaud these Spaniards prepared to come into the street and shout for justice for women subjected to vile sexual abuse.



If the appeal fails, the perps should have their sentences revised, upwards, to be castrated and have ‘PREDATOR’ tattooed on their foreheads – now THAT would serve as a deterrent.

No chance of that in the current context of the sicko ‘European Values’ we keep hearing about from Mama Stasi and Co!


It’s something of a contrast, the public outrage in Spain, and the absence of any similar-sized protests in the UK, demanding justice for the alien-origin grooming gangs.

Rotherham, Oxford, and other English cities have seen hundreds, thousands,of young British girls degraded and debauched by scum, including, incidentally…a married father-of-five and religious studies teacher at a local mosque….and an Afghan pig who came to the UK on a lorry in 2008 and claimed asylum…



…but even the police were scared sh-tless to take action for fear of being called ‘racist’ by the sort of cultural marxist vermin who make a living from such accusations.



Last I heard, no clear news if any of the filthy swine have yet been deported- the last media update was in January…

…but there’s at least one already been unleashed…



…no sign of penitence whatsoever.

They should all have been hanged.

And the failures of the British ‘justice’ system to prevent the evil have almost been matched by the failure of the citizenry to stage massive public protests against the gutless government.

Mind you, all those Spanish women so rightfully indignant about the so-called ’wolf-pack’ savages should also have been out at Valencia harbour last week…

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