Get Stuffed, Ephialtes! No UN-Acceptable Intrusion!

The sheer arrogance of the cabal that runs the Brussels Empire is – perhaps even more than the content of the decrees which are so arrogantly issued – why people in countries all across Europe despise and detest the EUSSR.


“It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration….at the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm…the only way to make our asylum and migration policies future-proof, is to collectively CHANGE OUR WAY OF THINKING FIRST.

Dimitris Avramopoulos – ‘European commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship.

Brussels Tells Europe – ‘Don’t Think You Have A Choice!’ 

You Brits, you Italians, you French and Dutch and Germans, etc., may NOT EVEN THINK this or MUST THINK that, because we, the commissars of the European Commission…



….unelected by any democratic vote, sworn by our oath of office to disavow loyalty to the countries we were born in …because WE  say so!


Now the Euro-Commissars are getting a taste of their own medicine, but it’s of little comfort to the common folk oppressed for so long, because it emanates from an even more undemocratic entity…



…one led by a man everyone in Europe knows as a sworn enemy, one infamous for its hypocrisy and hostility to the West.


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 Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

We have seen and heard all the renegade’s men, shrilling for crimmigrants…


Uppity UN Arab Rants Again – Fire The Prattling Princeling!


…so we understand the purpose of UN interference, why the EUSSR is being slapped around by the United Nations!

And specifically why?

For the only vaguely welcome outcome of that silly ‘summit last week, the plan for ‘secure centres,‘ in which illegal aliens could be confined, prevented from roaming, raping, robbing and killing the citizens of the countries they seek to prey on.

You, as much as I, will have had our doubts. Were such centres under the control of sensible Governments, like Italy’s, with armed guards and high barbed wire, preferably electrified, great.

But if some sort of Brussels Keystone Cop troupe were put in charge, they’d be just another joke.

Yet even the very idea of such centres has provoked a Pablovian sticky-beak reaction.


UN sets conditions for EU ‘disembarkation platforms’

In other words – ‘Not without our scrutiny, our approval, you’ll not be safeguarding European people in the way you’ve just debated and agreed!”

Read the linked report and marvel at the arrogance of Ephialtes and his myrmidons.