‘Let’s Unite Europe!’ We Should Echo That Heroic Call!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking –  I’ve had a few beers too many, fallen over and banged my head, woken up, red-eyed, seeing stars…?


Not so!

Unity is not the same as unification.

Here’s the hero I’m echoing.

“Liberate the peoples from this Europe!’



That was the inspirational peroration heard by a big crowd in Pontida, a very small town probably as unknown to you as it was to me.

It’s in Lombardy, Northern Italy, and here’s a picture…



…just so you may remember it, because Matteo Salvini’s words spoken there should echo in the history of Europe.

All you Eurosceptics in the UK will surely endorse the sentiment Salvini expressed when he roared out his war-cry for the EUSSR elections next year.

“To win we had to unite Italy, now we will have to unite Europe!”


He declared his aim was to create an alliance of “all the free and sovereign movements that want to defend their people and their borders.”


In other words, a movement that can turn next years election, when those Strasbourg Slugs have to face the voters, into a referendum in which the people in every land would have a starkly clear choice.

“…a Europe without borders…


…a Europe that protects its citizens.”