Women Harass Men? Mais Non, Say ‘Intellectual’ Snobs!

Many professors do us a lot of good, like those in the fields of medicine and engineering.

Others, in made-up subjects like ‘Sociology’ and ‘Gender Studies…’



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…are a waste of space, who’d be better put to work as street-sweepers, though, since we like our streets to be swept properly, maybe not.

Others in real subjects, like Politics or Philosophy, are known to abuse their positions shamelessly, like this freako…

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…or this one…

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…or this one…


 ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”

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…to indoctrinate, or even incite, their students to think and do bad things.

But today’s question –

Hypocrisy Syllabus 101

Are they as susceptible as the rest of us to sexual impulses, or, worse, as likely as Bill Clinton to sexually exploit young and attractive people in their sphere of influence?

…arises due to accusations against this delicious piece of hot tottie (UK slang, but I’m sure there’s no need to explain!


‘Avital Ronell is an American philosopher who contributes to the fields of continental philosophy, literary studies, psychoanalysis, feminist philosophy, political …’ wikipedia


As you can see for yourselves, Avital Ronell, who will never see her 65th birthday agan, is a dishy dame, bound to have a ‘moths-around-a-flame’ effect on scores of dashing, dapper young bucks, the sort of unshaven (aka ‘designer stubble’) leering galoots, wearing no ties but suits, who star in so many of our tv ads.

So how could she POSSIBLY be guilty of predatory Clintonism?

Yet she has been so accused.

Feminists under fire for defending scholar accused of sexual harassment   https://www.rt.com/usa/431315-avital-ronell-letter-butler/

Many have leapt to her defence!


Not, apparently, because they imagine that, with looks like hers, she can get as much nookie from willing paramours as she might conceivably need.

NO! Nor even because they care about the facts, but because she’s a bloody ‘intellectual,’ who has dazzled us, sorry, them, with loadsa-bull-sh-t, like –

‘Dissecting the Concept of the Complaint’

If you want to have your mind blown, or more precisely, are addicted to stunning boredom, watch her lecture on THAT!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw9Cv_wQ4CQ

BTW, her droning Bronxy voice makes it all the worse!

But let’s be fair, she HAS contributed vastly to our store of knowledge, as per her quoted words.

She further goes to show that stupidity does not acquire the status of concept. It only reaches the level of quasi-concept.


That quote’s from Wikipedia again – she’s astounding!

But there’s a better quote!

It’s from the report I read on Sunday, about the case, in which a pack of prejudiced prigs have written a letter defending the weirdo.

Their ardour is not based on any evidence of whether she’s being fairly or unfairly involved in the allegation but because she’s their heroine!

“The ensuing loss for the humanities, for New York University, and for intellectual life during these times would be no less than enormous and would rightly invite widespread and intense public scrutiny,” the letter warned.

Ooops. Can we talk about ‘heroines’ any more? Are they all now gender-free ‘heroes?’

Like those daft Anglican priestesses who fought so hard to take holy orders…

Gambar terkait

…then objected when folks accurately referred to them not as ‘priests’ but priestesses?

Uptight bints!

However, back to the whining leftist academics!

Critics of the letter have dubbed this effort by the academic community, and feminists in particular, hypocritical for going against the ‘party line’, in which accusers should always be believed and the connections or achievements of the accused should be at least irrelevant, if not actually used as evidence of their power over the victim…




All the way with women standing up for themselves… …but if a man lodges a complaint of harassment, the intellectual snobs who deride it are guilty of sexist double-standards.