Come Back, Nigel! Your Country Needs You!

After the initial surge of righteous rage…

…we need to marshal our forces, and I must agree with Leave EU that Nigel Farage is the man to do that.



May’s proposal to the EU will include a “common rulebook” on all industrial goods and agricultural products, also known as a Single Market. Furthermore, she seeks to establish a “Facilitated Customs Arrangement”, also known as a Customs Union. In addition, she expressed a commitment to “labour mobility” – you guessed it, free movement. Wave after wave of wage-condensing, public services draining mass migration will continue in spite of the resounding rejection of it by the 17.4m two years ago.

All three of these factions of EU integration were explicitly dismissed in the Conservative Party’s 2017 election manifesto. Yesterday, they all became official government policy. Proof the Party cannot be trusted. Brexiteers across the land need to fight back and squeeze the Tories at the ballot box, it’s the only pressure they respond to.

It gets worse. This is the initial negotiating position taken by the British government. One can only assume it will get softer after discussions with Brussels, if that’s possible.

As for the so-called Brexiteers within the Cabinet? Well, no resignations – a predictable outcome by career politicians who, as Nigel Farage tweeted last night “don’t have a principle between them”.

He must now return to frontline politics to reignite the campaign for our nation’s sacred autonomy. 

This sell-out to the global corporates is the final nail in the Tory coffin. We knew they were useless, but this is a complete betrayal of the referendum result and flies in the face of democracy; a total disregard for the will of the British people

The Tory ministers are a waste of space and while a small group of their MPs may behave honourably and fight for a real Brexit, it is clear that the old rotten parties must be battled and broken before there’s any chance of a restoration of British freedom.