May, The Brussels Lap-Bitch, Betrays Britain!

A total sell-out – that’s all we can say about Theresa May’s miserable betrayal of British democracy.

You need only read what her very own statement says…



Brexit: Cabinet agrees ‘collective’ stance on future EU deal

…to see for yourselves how she – and, to their shame, her ‘pro-Brexit’ ministers…



….have surrendered to Juncker.

Unless Boris Johnson and the rest (seven Cabinet ministers outvoted  by May and 19 collaborators, we read) resign by next week, they are ratting on all they have said about freedom and self-determination.

The time for playing nice, for polite reservations rather than an absolute repudiation of her subversion of the very essence of ‘Get Britain Out,’ is now past.

In truth it was past months ago.

Now patriotic Brits must…

=Hasil gambar untuk resist

…by ANY means necessary.