Who WOULDN’T Want To Get UK Out Of The Strasbourg Sty?

After a thoroughly enjoyable alfresco knees-up on Saturday, a much-needed relief from my exasperation over the fake-brexiteers’ sell-out at May’s mansion on Friday…

…in all honesty I wasn’t up to much creative output on Sunday.

However, knowing most of my readers, in the UK at least, share my horrified fascination with the levels of deceit, dishonesty and downright corruption that characterises the Strasbourg Slugs, oft-noted here…

A ‘House of Europe’ – Brussels Wastes More Millions! 

Hasil gambar untuk european parliament tower of babel

Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses! 

…I am passing on a couple of reports from that Europhiliac organ, EUObs, which nobody can say are penned by ‘populists!’


Well, enjoy in the way you might enjoy watching a zombie film featuring putrescent monsters stalking a city devoid of humanity!



EXCLUSIVE How eight MEPs overruled 540 colleagues on office expenses

The EU parliament spends €40m a year on a lump sum for MEPs’ expenses with barely any scrutiny. 

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EU parliament to keep public in dark on MEP expenses

Every year, MEPs spend some €40m of taxpayer money on things like restaurants and hotels amid public pressure for accountability, given numerous scandals. On Monday, EU parliament leaders decided to keep the public in the dark. Read on »


Okay, wrong verb!