Theresa The Traitrix’s Snickering Face Told All!

Like all my UK readers, I imagine, I watched the Commons debate, or as much of it as the BBC offered, and in my opinion the most impressive contribution, because most plainly, deeply sincere…


Hasil gambar untuk peter bone mp


….was that of Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough, who told of the sense of abject betrayal among his local party’s activists.

They had, he said, after the Chequers sell-out was announced, decided for themselves not to go out and hit the streets, for the first time in ten years.

Mr. Bone’s sadness about why and how his loyal team came to their decision was crystal clear.

Even those who might disagree with what the man was saying ought to have been able to hear out his words with courtesy and respect.



Thank you BBC, for that tell-tale turn of the camera, to catch the snickering sneer on the face of Theresa The Traitrix.

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘still’ photo of her nasty smirk, at least that I can find, but the likeness, or should I say dislikeness, above captures something of her essential unpleasant character.

Other MPs, like Bill Cash and Jason Rees-Mogg, made useful, coherent points…



….but where was Boris, I wondered!

Yet overall?

All praise to Peter Bone, not only for his brief intervention, but for the way that he thus revealed the dismissive disdain on May’s part, as she drives her demonic agenda forward.

Let’s roll the bitch back.